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Location: Tyland Barn, Sandling, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3BD
We are looking for volunteers to work alongside the Advocacy Team to conduct a literature review of the available research on key issues that effect public awareness and engagement around environmental issues.

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The Role

Working alongside the Advocacy Team to conduct a literature review of the available research on;

  • Public awareness of, and engagement with, environmental initiatives
  • Belief in key principles including climate change
  • The relationship between awareness and action – does one lead to the other?
  • Key negative environmental impacts of different sectors/community groups
  • What environmental NGOs are doing to drive behaviour changes
  • Why do people choose to engage with KWT and similar organisations (eg volunteer, attend events, donate)?
  • Relative effectiveness of different methods of driving changes in attitudes, beliefs and behaviours
  • How to encourage people into leadership roles

Work with Kent Wildlife Trust colleagues to identify:

  • Priority sectors or community groups to engage within Kent
  • Behaviour changes we would like to drive: categorised into impact and ease of making that change

Produce a summary document of your findings, including a critical analysis and recommendations for the priority groups to engage, action to promote and methods to effect that behaviour change.

Key skills/requirements:

  • Practical experience of social research or a related topic
  • Strong understanding of behavioural sciences
  • Good written communication skills, with the confidence to speak to new people
  • Good organisational skills, able to self-motivate
  • An interest in environmental protection and restoration


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How will this help?

We are facing a major environmental crisis and we have limited resources to address it.  To have the biggest positive impact, we want to identify and target the behaviours and industries that are causing the greatest problems.

We want to empower people to make positive changes to their lives and their environment.  By understanding their interests, beliefs, drivers and barriers we can help more effectively.

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