Wilder Kent Safaris

Wilder Kent Safaris

These new walking tours will give you the unique opportunity to experience some of our special reserves and uncover their ‘wilding’ stories with knowledgeable guides.


Species in the UK are declining fast, and a nature recovery network of bigger, better quality, more joined-up habitats is needed to enable species to survive and thrive. Kent Wildlife Trust is promoting ‘wilding’ at some sites, aiming to give nature the tools and space it needs to recover. On a Wilder Kent Safari, you will discover how animals such as beaver and bison can help manage land and restore wildlife habitats, and find out more about the Trust’s projects to ‘wild’ the land at the Blean and Ham Fen.

At the Blean, hear about plans to introduce European bison, Iron Age pigs and Exmoor ponies to coppice trees and graze the land, breathing life back into the landscape, improving habitats and increasing biodiversity.  Please note, the bison and other animals are due to arrive at the Blean in 2022. This safari will give you the opportunity to find out about the project, but you will not be able to see the animals during tours in 2021.

At Ham Fen, learn about the once native beaver which were reintroduced to the site in 2001. Look for evidence of these ‘water engineers’ at the fen and find out about their ability to slow running water and create pools and marshes, and the benefits this has for other wildlife at the reserve.

Tours will last approximately 2.5 hours and most of the time will be spent walking on rough terrain, therefore a reasonable level of fitness is required. Ensure you wear appropriate footwear (during periods of wet weather waterproof footwear is advisable) and clothing for the weather conditions. There are no toilets or refreshments available on site. Car parking is available at both sites, at West Blean and Thornden Woods parking charges apply.

If you have any queries please contact:  experiences@wilderkent.org.uk 

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