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Visit beautiful nature reserves and uncover their stories with the people who know them best.

Get ready to embark on a captivating journey through the untamed wonders of our nature reserves.

Led by our skilled safari guides, we have unveiled a new range of exciting experiences, inviting you to bask in exhilarating new encounters that will leave you awestruck, enlightened and inspired.

Step into a realm where nature takes the stage. Lace up your walking boots as you breathe in the invigorating air of the wilderness. You will be guided by the passionate custodians of these wild spaces who are waiting to share their secrets and knowledge with you. Each safari promises an intimate exploration and an invitation to witness pioneering conservation techniques that are taking place across the county.

Guided by our exceptional experts and embracing the intimacy of small groups, venture into the depths of ambitious wilding projects and crucial conservation endeavors that shape the landscape we live in. 

Join us in this new era of conservation and help to fight the climate and nature crises that we are all facing. 

Below, you'll find our fan-favourite safaris that are ongoing throughout the year: discover the impact of our regal bison herd at West Blean and Thornden Woods and the industrious endeavors of beavers at Ham Fen. Keep scrolling to discover the brand-new range of safaris that we are unveiling: from the overwhelming colour displays of orchids to the ancient majesty of towering trees, and from the graceful dance of butterflies to the playful antics of pigs, there lies a treasure trove of untold tales waiting to be unraveled. 

Chough free flying post release

NEW: Red-billed choughs are now flying over the skies of Dover. Join us on a Chough Safari to explore the sweeping chalk grassland of Lydden Temple Ewell and hear about the landscape restoration that has taken place in the area to make the reintroduction possible, as well as these charismatic birds' habits, how persecution led to their extinction, and their links to Kent's rich history.

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Photo by Robert Canis

Photo by Robert Canis.

Bison Ranger Experiences

Discover the heart of the project like never before. Join our Bison Rangers themselves to delve deeper into the world of European bison, Exmoor ponies, longhorn cattle and Iron-age pigs. Our rangers, custodians of this pioneering herd, will be your guides to these extraordinary experiences.  

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Explore our new range of exciting safaris:

Why join a Wilder Kent Safari?

Photo by Robert Canis

Photo by Robert Canis

Discover unexplored havens in Kent.

Visit captivating reserves you've never encountered before. We provide unique and memorable days where you can unearth the hidden gems of our reserves and unlock a world of natural wonders waiting to be explored.

© Katrina Martin - 2020VISION

© Katrina Martin - 2020VISION

Soak up the wellbeing benefits

Find solace, rejuvenation and peace by immersing yourself in nature. Breathe in fresh air, let stress melt away and let the healing power of the wilderness restore your wellbeing.

Adonis Blue Butterfly perched on a leaf with its underwings showing

Support vital conservation work

By joining us on a safari, you are directly supporting the vital work we do in protecting and preserving precious habitats and species. Together, we can safeguard our natural heritage for generations to come and enjoy as you have.

Wilder Kent Safari 2023 - Ham Fen

Expand your knowledge

Delve deep into the intricate web of nature around you. Learn from expert guides about pioneering conservation projects and unravel new facts and stories of our unique ecosystems. Learning meets adventure in the wild. 

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If you have a question or would like to get in touch regarding Wilder Kent Safaris, please contact our team today. You can also register your interest here for future safari opportunities with our very own Bison Rangers and safari tour guides. 

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Private safaris and group bookings

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion? We offer private safaris for group celebrations, couples’ experiences or team away days. Do something a little different when commemorating a birthday, anniversary, team day or even a hen or stag do! Exclusive safaris for groups can be arranged  from £180 .  

We also offer group bookings and discounts on our safaris.

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Wilder Kent Safari 2023 - Ham Fen guide