Corporate Relationships Policy

Kent Wildlife Trust (KWT), as the leading wildlife charity in Kent and Medway, is pleased to engage with external organisations in a symbiotic manner that contributes to the attainment of our mission.

Businesses are at the heart of local and global environment issues. They drive the consumption of resources and the use of raw materials. Businesses also play a key role in influencing the products / services consumers purchase, methods of production and are key influencers in the community as employers, advertisers and suppliers.

Without the support of local business, much of the work of the Trust would not be viable. KWT may also work with partners to raise awareness of the environmental issues, increase membership, deliver and develop information and support.

1. Key principles

  • We seek to ensure that those we work with and the ways that we work with them are consistent with Kent Wildlife Trust’s organisational values.
  • Kent Wildlife Trust will, as part of its relationship with a company, actively seek to influence the company’s attitude and behaviour towards wildlife conservation and the natural environment in accordance with the
    Trusts aims and objectives.
  • All relationships will be based on the principles of integrity and openness, maintenance of independence, equality in partnership and mutual benefit for all concerned.
  • Initiatives will not compromise the independent status of Kent Wildlife Trust. If there is a possibility that the independence, reputation or credibility of Kent Wildlife Trust is jeopardised, we will review the risks versus the potential benefits for local wildlife and may withdraw from the initiative.
  • Any company applying for corporate membership or offering sponsorship will be given a copy of the Corporate Relationships Policy and be required to sign a statement acknowledging receipt and agreement to terms.
  • The agreements within any partnerships are without prejudice to any views, commentary or objections Kent Wildlife Trust staff may have regarding planning or development issues.

2. Partner organisations

  • The partner involved in the initiative will not be directly connected with operations or products that contribute irresponsibly to environmental pressures and/or degradation. This decision is open to the scrutiny of Kent Wildlife Trust.
  • At the discretion of Kent Wildlife Trust, partners involved in the initiative may be vetted and only confirmed following the initial satisfaction of Kent Wildlife Trust staff and/or the Board of Trustees.
  • Kent Wildlife Trust may take into account public perception of a company when deciding whether or not to establish a corporate association.
  • Kent Wildlife Trust reserves the right to review and/or terminate any external relationships at any time.

3. Funding

  • Acceptance of support from a company will not imply that Kent Wildlife Trust condones company activities and the Trust reserves the right to comment publicly on such activities.
  • Kent Wildlife Trust will not accept more than 10% of total income per annum from one corporate partner with a vested interest in wildlife positioning; so as not to compromise our integrity. This does not include money raised via employee and customer fundraising as part of any corporate partnership arrangements (e.g. Charity of the Year).
  • Kent Wildlife Trust may terminate a company’s corporate membership and/or sponsorship at any time if in the Trust’s perception the company’s activities cause damage to the Trust’s reputation by association.
  • Following the termination of any external relationships, Kent Wildlife Trust is not required to reimburse any monetary, in-kind, investment or other contributions made prior to termination.