Gardening for a Wilder Kent

Gardening for a Wilder Kent

Wilder Gardens

Gardening for a Wilder Kent

Our Wilder Gardens team aims to encourage and inspire EVERYONE in Kent to create vital stepping stones for nature and help contribute towards a Nature Recovery Network to reserve the loss of biodiversity by gardening for a Wilder Kent in their gardens or local communal open spaces. 

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Why are we embarking on Gardening for a Wilder Kent?

There are up to 23 million gardens and over 62,000 urban green spaces in the UK! If we work together and create wildlife-friendly gardens and green spaces, we will be able to create the crucial space and corridors for wildlife, creating the vital stepping stones of a Nature Recovery Network - and in time reverse the loss of biodiversity and wildlife. 


We have revamped our 'Wild About Gardens' scheme to become our 'Gardening for a Wilder Kent' project, we will be hosting online workshops, open gardens and our volunteer advisors will be able to help those who want to create a wildlife-friendly garden or help get their communities WILDER.

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Wild About Gardens 2020 Sponsors and Partners

We are grateful to the following organisations without whom we would be unable to run the scheme.

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