Uncovering Coombe Down - Update

Uncovering Coombe Down - Update

Vic Hill

We can only look to create a Wilder Kent and reverse the alarming declines in wildlife and their habitats with continued support from our members and donors. Every piece of land we can purchase helps us ensure wildlife has more space to thrive. By connecting these areas up, we can help to rebuild our fragmented landscape.

Sat in the heart of Dover downlands lies a badly neglected area of old chalk grassland; Coombe Down. Whilst other nature reserves around it have been restored over the past few years, Coombe Down has patiently waited its turn. 

As a result of lack of management since the 1950's, Coombe Down has become scrubbed over, losing some of the iconic chalk grassland species in the process. 

However, it can be saved and restored to its former glory. We have managed to turn both Old Park Hill and Nemo Down from scrubbed over and neglected sites to beautiful chalk grassland reserves. You have the chance to help us to do the same, and uncover Coombe Down. 

The Future for Coombe Down

We need to raise £69,800 to begin the restoration, so far we have raised £26,846. In doing so, we can clear much of the scrub and begin grazing the slopes. This will see the return of many chalk grassland species to Coombe Down which could become only the seventh location in the UK for the Wart-Biter Cricket, helping to supplement the population at Lydden Temple Ewell. 

Excitingly, the Chough could again soar over Coombe Down if its proposed reintroduction to Dover is successful. 

Coombe Down

Your on-going support of our appeals is really appreciated, and we can only look to a brighter future for wildlife with your help. 

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