Tyland Barn and Romney Marsh Visitor Centre Art Galleries


Our art Galleries at Tyland Barn and Romney Marsh Visitor Centres

Tyland Barn Art Gallery

This November we have a special gallery jointly created by two of our staff displaying their photographic techniques.

Greg Hitchcock has built his talents from the first small film compact he was brought by his parents. He now uses both film and digital to produce his photographic work. He is passionate about the natural world and became inspired in photography due to the wildlife photographer of the year competition. For the last couple of years he has taken a mainly "fine art" approach to photography in order to draw attention to what he considers beautiful and interesting. 
Greg is displaying his Winter Canvas project. He exposes the image to blow our detail in the snow and shoot in monochrome, choosing an angle that isolates the subject, making it look somewhat like a graphite illustration on paper. 


Vic Hill loves wildlife and the outdoors. She is very dedicated to sharing with her audience the amazing and awe-inspiring nature stories and images that she finds. 
In her gallery piece Vic has focused on colour vs texture. She is particularly captivated by the colour of nature and the texture of nature. Vic appreciates colour by stepping back and absorbing the scene in front of her - including the contrasts and richness. Admiring texture on the other hand requires taking that extra step forward to see the fine detail and intricate patterns, structures and forms that the natural world produces. 

Romney Marsh Gallery

The Marsh Art Collective
Saturday 20th October to Sunday 28th October

This group of artists came together through friendship and the common belief that art has provided each of us with an important opportunity for creative well-being. 
Their former careers spanned the worlds of travel, finance and teaching. They hope that the work which they share with you captures their collective love of nature, colour, shape and pattern that can be found in our world. 

Artists on display include:

Original Arts and Crafts by Sandra Sarkies 
Ceramics from "The Dog House Pottery" by Steve Hovell and Margaret Stonham
Handcrafted glass from "GlassShed" by Gilly Harding 
Photography by Jane Howard 
Silver Jewellery from "Curlew Creations" by Judith Ruffhead 


Marsh Collective

Marsh Collective 

Marsh Collective

Marsh Collective 


The gallery is open Monday to Sunday, 10am-5pm

For further information or to enquire about availability in 2019 please contact Events and Operations Officer Craig.Midwinter@Kentwildlife.org.uk for Tyland Barn or for Romney Marsh please contact Visitor Centre Manager Elizabeth.Grant@Kentwildlife.org.uk