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Martin Garwood art gallery exhibition, Tyland Barn

Tyland Barn Art Gallery

Water Colour Artist - Adrian Leppenwell (April)

Adrian Leppenwell is a Kent based landscape artist he has been painting for many years and studied art to a high level at school.

He mainly works in watercolour and paints in a relatively loose style and normally paints with just 5 colours and 4 brushes .

He was born in Upchurch in 1967 and lived in the village of Newington, Kent for many years he grew up playing on local farm's and surrounding countryside and always came home covered in mud and this is where his passion for the countryside came from.

He also demonstrations and runs  workshops for art club's and society's you can find Adrian on Facebook and Twitter.


Adrian Leppenwell Artist

Adrian Leppenwell Artist

Romney Marsh Gallery

Rachel Beckett Is a UK artist based in Kent. Her work is now slowly beginning to receive wider public attention and acclaim. She donated works to the “Splosh” open air art experience at the Leas Pavilion, Folkestone in 2017 specifically adapting her usual precise style to create two advertising hoarding sized works. In 2018 her talents received wider recognition when she was shortlisted as a Finalist in the Prestigious International ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ Competition, when this work was exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London, alongside renowned wildlife artists such as David Shepherd and Alan Hunt, the public reacted enthusiastically and hers was one of the first pieces that sold, within only hours of the pre-exhibition sales viewing commencing.

She combines her love of the arts with a lifelong passion for wildlife, scenery and the Animal Kingdom; creating pieces featuring all things feathered, furry or scaled. Her works cover a range of genres and styles from detailed, realistic fine art through to imaginative and colourful abstract imagery. She also doesn’t shy away from employing a variety of different mediums within the creation of a single artwork in an effort to capture the essence of the animal. She stated that: “the natural world is so glorious in its diversity, that it seems foolish to restrict myself to one style or medium, in the expectation that it would be able to adequately capture the whole reality”.

 Her speciality is giving each animal true expression and personality and when working on Pet portraits her ability to convey character has rendered delighted clients speechless and often happily tearful when they first glimpse their much loved family pets captured on canvas.

Rachel works from a home studio in Ashford where her main focus currently is commissioned works generally Pet portraits or wildlife paintings produced from photography that clients have taken whilst on exotic holidays.

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