Protecting Wild Spaces

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Protecting Wild Spaces

Queendown Warren, photo by Selwyn Dennis

Conservation is our mission

Kent Wildlife Trust carries out a host of conservation activities across the county with the help of volunteers and the support of members. We look after some of Kent's most iconic landscapes and protect and restore key habitats and species.

Helping landowners for wildlife

Kent Wildlife Trust works with local authorities, statutory agencies, landowners and other local partners to identify, manage and monitor highly valuable wildlife habitats as part of our Local Wildlife Sites programme. Local Wildlife Sites are often privately owned and so rely on our advice and support and the commitment of the landowners, farmers and volunteers who are prepared to carry out sensitive habitat management. 

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Our seas and shores

Our seas are home to an astonishing array of wildlife, but sadly it is under threat from a range of pressures like overfishing, pollution and offshore developments.  A well-connected network of protected areas is needed to provide sanctuary and we're part of the campaign to complete the network of protected underwater areas to safeguard and connect our marine wildlife.

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More than a drive-by approach

Roadside Nature Reserves can link existing wildlife areas, helping to reconnect and restore landscape so that wildlife is no longer struggling to survive in isolation. This supports a living landscape, which benefits both people and wildlife and makes nature more resilient to future change. 

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Photo by Rob Riddle

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