Who We Are

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Who We Are

We care about wildlife

We're all nature lovers here. Driven by a set of core values to inform our work, we have a vision of Kent's future for wildlife and a mission to do everything we can to make it a reality. We bring people closer to nature and invite you all to join us in our fight to protect wildlife in Kent. Together we can make a difference.

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Our Vision

To ensure that 30% of Kent and Medway - land and sea - is managed to create a healthy place for wildlife to flourish. 

Our Mission

To work with people to restore, save and improve our natural spaces.

Kent Wildlife Trust is working to ensure that our wildlife is protected and restored, now and in the future. We work to help organisations, people and communities connect to nature and care for our natural places.

Through membership and through wider communication, we aim to develop a lifelong relationship with Kent Wildlife Trust and provide opportunities for people to take action for wildlife.

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Oare  Marshes sunrise, photo by N Morley

Oare  Marshes sunrise, photo by N Morley

Our Values

Our values relate to a world rich in wildlife and better for people. These values are:

We are passionate about nature and passionate about people's experience of nature.

We inspire people to act in ways which benefit the natural world.

We work with individuals, organisations and communities to deliver value to the economy, to people and to wildlife.

Our desire to secure a strong future for the people and wildlife of Kent in steadfast and enduring.

Science, evidence and data underpin our thinking.

Shoresearch volunteering, photo by Toby Roxburgh/2020VISION

Shoresearch volunteering, photo by Toby Roxburgh/2020VISION

Get Involved

You can be part of or work to protect wildlife. From volunteering, to gardening for wildlife, working with our project teams and more.

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