Supporting Our Latest Appeal at the White Cliffs Festival of Winter Ales.

We took a visit to the White Cliffs Festival of Winter Ales in Dover to talk to the local community about supporting our land purchase appeal.

As part of our latest appeal for a new land purchase at the Lydden Temple Ewell National Nature Reserve, we’ve booked up our calendar with events and activities to raise awareness and generate support.
One such event was the White Cliffs Festival of Winter Ales that took place on Saturday 4th February. We took this opportunity to join the local community, talk to them about the appeal and find out how many people were already behind our campaign.

Having never attended an ale festival before – certainly not one related to work – the feedback we received was incredible.  Our challenge was to find 117 people each to hold up a word, which, once all joined together, would spell out a message that you will see in the film.  All credit goes to Bob Dylan for the initial inspiration.
Everyone we spoke to agreed to hold up a word and everyone we spoke to was incredibly enthusiastic about what we are trying to achieve at Lydden Temple Ewell National Nature Reserve. 

Please enjoy our efforts and that of those who participated.  Please do share the film on your social media platforms as the wider we can spread the message the more support we will receive when we launch our appeal to raise £78,000.