'Shoot Green Reels' Film-making workshops inspire a love for nature & wellbeing

'Shoot Green Reels' is an introduction to making movies about nature in 3x 3 hour workshops as part of Kent Wildlife Trust's Painting the Town Green Project which inspires people to connect with nature.

On these courses you will have the chance to make a short film using straightforward technology which allows you to focus on the basics of the art of filmmaking.

'Painting The Town Green' would like to continue running further film workshops and form a media group that documents people's connection to nature and the changes being made to outdoor spaces in urban environments. For further information email claire.bates@kentwildlife.org.uk

Click on the links below using the password miltoncreek to view the first two finished films from the project, we hope you enjoy:

Film 1
'A Break in the Park' features Mike Collett, a Green Ambassador for Painting The Town Green. We were inspired by the thought of how people connect to nature and decided to theme the journey on someone coming from the industrial estate (a place of work) to Milton Creek Country Park (a place of tranquillity) to take time out on their lunch break. The end of the film highlights getting back to work with the phone ringing disturbing what was a peaceful lunch hour. The film is based at Milton Creek Country park a wonderful public outdoor space based in Sittingbourne owned by Swale Borough Council.

Film 2 
'Blown Away' This short film is about the feeling of freedom and exhilaration experienced on escaping the urban environment into the wide, open, green space of Milton Creek Country Park. It tells the story from the point of view of Christine Hodgetts, "Painting the Town Green" Volunteer in Medway: On a bright and breezy day, all of nature seems to be bursting with life - buds bursting in the hedgerows, trees and grasses waving in the wind, birds and clouds racing across the sky. The rejuvenating effect of the sun, wind, breathing-space and primal connection with nature is encapsulated in my child-like dash to the top of a hill, where I whirl around with the sun on my face, my movement echoing that of the clouds above and my cares literally "Blown Away."

For further information our Painting the Town Green Projects please visit www.kentwildlifetrust.org.uk/paintthetown