Kent Wildlife Trust announces best nature photograph of 2018

Kent Wildlife Trust announces best nature photograph of 2018

Dandelion Seed Head - David Wanostrocht

After another year of simply stunning, high-quality entries we are delighted to announce the winners of our annual wildlife photography competition.

A close-up photo of a dandelion seed head has taken the crown as Kent’s nature photograph of the year.  

The prestigious award was made to Mr David Wanostrocht of Orpington who took the prize-winning shot in his back garden.

The judging panel were unanimous in their verdict that Mr Wanostrocht’s image should win the competition outright.  Mr Wanostrocht wins a two-night break in a country cottage courtesy of Kent and Sussex cottages, main sponsors of the competition.

Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Kent Wildlife Trust Ed Charles said: “Having judged over 100 entries we were all so incredibly impressed with this unique image of a quite ordinary plant for which we all have a fondness.  All of us would have picked a dandelion and blown the seeds from the seed head at some time in our lives but never thought about the complexity of what is often seen as a weed.   It is a stunning shot of the natural beauty of dandelion seeds on a seed head and was rightly judged the winner.”

Overall 1st place winner

Dandelion Seed Head - David Wanostrocht

Dandelion Seed Head - David Wanostrocht

Dandelion Seed Head - David Wanostrocht

"A very well executed close-up of a dandelion seed head.   At first glance, it looked just like any other dandelion seed headshot that we see so often.   It is actually rather unique in that the focal point is on the seeds, yet all the seeds & pappus are intact.  Similar photos always show the closer seeds removed as the pappus (feathery bits) pose a challenge to focusing, and also get in the way of the seeds.  This is an excellent shot displaying the natural beauty of dandelion seeds on the seed head."

~ Weng Lim, guest judge

Category 1 - Fauna

1st place: Zebra Jumping Spider - Jason Steel

2nd place: Hare in the grass at Elmley National Nature Reserve - Jim Higham

3rd place: Migrant Hawker dragonfly in flight - Selwyn Dennis

Category 2 - Flora

1st place: Dandelion Seed Head - David Wanostrocht

2nd place: Green - Lynne Overett

3rd place: Tree of Life at Bredhurst Woods - Nigel Leonard

Category 3 - Landscape

1st place: Sunset in Canterbury - Danni Thompson

2nd place: Kemsing, North Downs November Sunset - Ruth Winter

3rd place: Winter sunset on Darland Banks - Nigel Leonard

Category 4 - Marine

1st place: Kent seaside - Jenni Mathews

2nd place: Circular coast - Kate Holderness

3rd place: Shark - Will Martin

Category 5 - Junior

1st place: Fly agaric - Edward Norris

2nd place: Fungi - Miles Brierley

3rd place: Bee - Theresa Mackey