Nemo Down Community Consultation

Nemo Down Community Consultation

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This surviving 40 hectares of ancient chalk grassland and woodland was abandoned and forgotten decades ago with the loss of many flowers and animals.

Half the world's old chalk grassland is found in the UK with 5% of this surviving in Kent. Nemo Down is of great strategic importance within Kent Wildlife Trust's ambitious landscape-scale vision for the Dover area. Once restored, it will provide vital habitat for a range of species - plants such as squinancywort and rock rose; butterflies including Adonis blue and silver-spotted skipper; birds such as red kite and cuckoo; and a host of mammals.

Now purchased, intensive work will be needed to restore the landscape including scrub clearance, the re-establishment of grazing and a coppicing programme to manage the woodland. Measures will also be needed to protect the site from fly tipping and squatters. A team of volunteers will be recruited and trained to help manage the site and look after the livestock.

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