30 Days Wild is almost here: Get involved and go Wild this June

30 Days Wild is almost here: Get involved and go Wild this June

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30 Days Wild is almost here and we can't wait. It's not too late to sign up and join in. So why not make a little room for nature this June?

We all know that nature is good for us. But in our busy, technology-driven lives it can be difficult to make time to get out and experience it. The thing is though, that even the smallest act of connecting with the natural world - from looking up at the stars before we close the front door, or noticing the wild flowers on the roadside verge whilst sitting in another traffic jam, to simply tuning in to the sounds of nature as we hang out the washing – can really benefit us.

But even with the best intentions, sometimes we just need a push in the right direction, and that’s where 30 Days Wild comes in.

Launched in 2015 across the Wildlife Trust movement, 30 Days Wild is all about celebrating and connecting with the natural world by inspiring as many of us as possible to carry out one small act, a ‘Random Act of Wildness’, that bring us closer to nature every day throughout June. That’s just 30 simple and fun wildlife-themed activities that can wake us up to the wonderful nature that’s all around us and, in doing so, benefit our wellbeing and wildlife too.

Last year 350,000 people took part across the UK, carrying out a whole host of nature-themed activities from the simple: watching the birds or smelling the flowers; and the practical: building mini-beast hotels or making a mini pond; to the tasty: picnicking in the woods or enjoying some wild strawberries.

You won’t be surprised to hear that at Kent Wildlife Trust, it doesn’t take much persuading to get us outdoors (and embracing our silly sides) so last year we joined in too, with staff and volunteers across our teams working together to take part in and shout about our Random Acts of Wildness. We made grass angels; squelched in the mud; got a bit artistic with some wild creations; camped outdoors and pulled a moth surveying “all-nighter”, and thousands of people across Kent joined us, heading outside and sharing their wild adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This year we’re taking part again and can’t wait to get going; our people engagement team are already planning their piece de resistance: a silent disco in nature.   

You don’t have to boogie with the bugs but if you’re itching to get outdoors, there’s still time to sign up – whether as an individual, family, school, care home, business or other group - and receive your free 30 Days Wild pack, filled with goodies and lots more ideas to help you go wild this June. Still need convincing? Why not take a look at our blog post exploring how getting close to nature can improve our health and wellbeing, or check  out our 30 Days Wild Showreel to see more of what we got up to last year.

So why not jump in and join us? Hug a tree; save a spider; feed the birds; pack a picnic or simply gaze out the window. There’s literally a whole wild world of possibilities.