Down To Earth


Down To Earth

What is Down To Earth?

With thanks to funding from Sports England and the National Lottery, Kent Wildlife Trust is delighted to launch the Down To Earth project.


Down To Earth, which is based across Romney Marsh, centres around improving the well-being of women through being active in nature.

It also aims to empower women with the skills and resources to; make individual and family connections with nature, become more physically active, make positive impacts to their community, and reap the physical and mental rewards of being active in nature.


What are people saying?


"I wasn't really a nature person to start with, but now we go on walks to the woods and beach and love it! Also, the bugs! Hated the bugs when we started the group, but now we know all the different types and it's all thanks to these groups..."


"I feel I'm more likely to go out and explore the local area with a better knowledge of the area and activities..."

Nature is good for you...

The natural world has an impact on individual well-being – from flood prevention, clean air and water to having a peaceful natural space to be active. A connection with nature can have a significant positive impact including a reduction in stress and anxiety; increased positive mood, self- esteem and resilience; and increased feelings of social inclusion.

Become a nature champion...

Our Down To Earth project is looking for women to become nature champions across Romney Marsh.

You can become a nature champion by helping us run our exploring groups which aim to enable women and their families to get active in nature for free, by helping us run our Down To Earth events, or by participating in our Down To Earth events. If you are interested, please get in touch... 

(Benefits: no experience needed, flexible around you and your childcare needs, free ongoing workshops to build your skills, experience for your CV and future careers, get active in nature and help others to do the same, and a free weekly group for you and your children)

Get in touch

or by calling/texting Nina or Nikki on 0770 2551524 or 0787 9470194