Wilder Kent Awards

Wilder Kent Awards

Wilder Kent Awards

The natural world isn't just something for us to enjoy; it sustains us. The decline of nature puts our very survival and prosperity under threat. It doesn't have to be like this; together we can create a Wilder Kent.

The Wilder Kent Awards is a scheme to reward and acknowledge the work of schools and community groups that are helping us to create a Wilder Kent by taking positive action to restore nature and helping adults and children to reconnect with nature. Their action benefits us locally and helps tackle the global environmental threats we all face.

How to enter?

Sign up to our Wilder Kent Awards scheme below for more information and to receive your Wilder Kent Award guide which outlines the criteria you'll need to follow to achieve your award. There are multiple award tiers (bronze, silver and gold) that can be achieved. The more criteria you meet, the higher your award will be.

We can't wait to hear about all of the ways you are helping to restore nature by taking positive action to promote a Wilder Kent.

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The benefits to entering:

Help tackle 'nature deficit disorder'.

Improve your health and well-being, physically and mentally.

Personal satisfaction that you have made a real difference.

Safeguard nature and wildlife for future generations. 

Enjoy new experiences and learn new life and craft skills.

Spend time in the fresh air and appreciate nature.