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Gardening for a Wilder Kent

Wild About Gardens 2020

Your opportunity to ask for specific advice relevant to your own garden

Our gardens can be a welcome refuge during these difficult times. We are able to notice everyday changes and the wildlife that visits.

Let's look for a positive outcome from the situation by encouraging more wild creatures and as a result creating vital stepping stones and corridors that wildlife needs to  enable it to thrive.

We have lots of advice sheets and information available for you to download, but we realise that this can sometimes seem overwhelming, so if you would like to speak to one of our experienced volunteer wildlife gardening advisors, please get in touch by emailing Maureen.rainey@kentwildlife.org.uk

Our 'Wild About Gardens'  team can provide specific advice to help and  encourage you welcome wildlife into your garden, whatever the size, type or primary use of the garden. 


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What is 'Wild About Gardens'?

We're not expecting you to turn your backyard into a mini nature reserve. We're looking for gardens around Kent to be turned into wildlife havens with just a few simple changes. From the flora you grow to habitats you can create. 

In a normal year our volunteer advisors would visit your garden to assess how wildlife-friendly it is. They would be happy to include a work in progress to offer friendly advice and encouragement. During the COVID-19 restrictions we are running the scheme by phone and email for advice only.

If you would like to ask our volunteer team a question on any aspect of nature friendly gardening, please email Maureen.rainey@kentwildlife.org.uk with your specific question. One of our volunteers will then be in touch with you by telephone or email

How to take part in Wild about Gardens 2020

There are various ways to get involved with Wild About Gardens:

1. Contact us for wildlife friendly gardening advice

Please email Maureen.rainey@kentwildlife.org.uk with your specific question and a contact telephone number. One of our experienced volunteer advisors will then be in touch with you to arrange a mutually convenient time for you both to discuss your question(s).

Beginner gardeners

may feel they need more general advice. We can offer that as well. We may ask you to complete a brief questionnaire about your garden or send a few photos. Please email Maureen Rainey in the first case or telephone 01622 357829.


2. Become a Volunteer Advisor

Owing to the current COVI-19 restrictions, we regret that we have suspended recruiting new volunteers. However if you would be interested in volunteering in the future and would like to find out more details, please contact Maureen Rainey by email at Maureen.Rainey@kentwildlife.org.uk or by phone on 01622357829

Alternatively, you can click here

Become a Volunteer Advisor


3. Come to one of our Wild About Gardens Workshops or Events

Our programme  of informal workshops on various aspects of wildlife-friendly gardening have been postponed until the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. However we are hoping to commence a series of digital seminars very soon. If you would be interested in finding out more detail please contact Maureen.rainey@kentwildlife.org.uk or telephone 01622 357829

If you would like a workshop or digital seminar tailor-made for your group, please contact Maureen at Maureen.Rainey@kentwildlife.org.uk or phone 01622357829


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Wild About Gardens 2020 Sponsors and Partners

We are grateful to the following organisations without whom we would be unable to run the scheme.

WAG sponsors

Neighbourhood with the Best Buzz!


To celebrate the final year of Making a Buzz for the Coast in Kent, the project is awarding this extra special plaque. The chosen area will be based on the last two year's entries and we hope to be able to publicise details of the winning town  very soon.


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