Phase One Habitat Survey Days

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Phase One Habitat Survey Days

Green winged orchids at Marden Meadow

Dates for 2019

Phase One Habitat Survey methodology is used by professional ecologists to map and record sites.

1. Introduction to Phase 1 Habitat Survey

Part 1 on Friday 7th June (10am4pm)
A classroom and field-based introduction. Learn to identify key indicator plant species that will help you recognise and distinguish broad habitat types and gain confidence in writing target notes on habitat features. Includes a short field visit to a reserve.

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2. Phase 1 Habitat Survey

Part 2 on Friday 21st June (10am4pm)
A whole day in the field looking at a variety of habitats including chalk grassland, a range of neutral grassland types from lowland meadow to rank grassland and other vegetation types to allow for a range of phase 1 habitats and their indicator plants to be experienced.

Practice in plant identification of key species and other useful features for target notes.

This day is suitable for participants who are already familiar with Phase 1 habitat survey basics as covered in ‘Phase 1 habitat survey course Day 1’ or those familiar with basic phase 1 who want to learn more about the identification of key indicator plant species for different habitat types

The cost is £55 per day (or £100 for both days).

The tutor is Lesley Mason – Freelance botanist and ecologist with a wide range of experience in both the conservation and consultancy sectors.

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