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Field Identification Skills Certificate

High quality botanical survey skills

Kent Wildlife Trust in partnership with the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland will be offering Field Identification Skills Certificate days (FISC) again in 2021.

The Field Identification Skills Certificate or FISC is becoming the standard for assessing botanical survey skills - there is currently no equivalent qualification. 

All candidates receive a certificate from the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland stating their botanical skill level.  Useful advice is also given on how to progress to the next level.

A FISC starts with a morning lab session, where candidates identify plant species from all over the British Isles.  In the afternoon, candidates visit a secret location and spend around an hour and a half recording every plant they see.

Please note that a FISC event is a test to assess your current botanical knowledge.  It is not a training course.

The cost for FISC events is £75 nationally.   Please note transport is not provided and you need to make your own way to site visit in the afternoon for all our FISC events. 

Online booking is preferred, however, if you have difficulty booking, please email or contact the Study Days team at Kent Wildlife Trust on 01622 662012.

Our first FISC event at Tyland Barn  on Thursday 20th May 2021:

Details and booking

Our second FISC event at Tyland Barn on Thursday 24th June 2021:

Details and booking

We worked in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University to run a FISC event at their Biology building in North Holmes Road on Thursday 15th July

Details and booking

Our fourth FISC event at Tyland Barn  on Thursday 2nd September 2021:

Details and booking

We will not running any more FISC events this year.  We are however planning to run FISC events again next year,  both at Tyland Barn and at Canterbury.  Dates for our FISC events for 2022 will be confirmed at the end of the year.

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