Education on the wild-side

Discover our natural world through outdoor learning.

We believe that by engaging people in fun and interesting ways they will build a respect and an understanding of the importance of wildlife and nature. We provide children, young people and adults with a wide range of practical, enjoyable and high-quality learning experiences through our Education programmes that will connect them with nature and help them discover the wild world around us.

Learning with communities

We work with communities in a number of different ways through our Hotspot Programme and other projects, to build knowledge and skills in looking after green spaces close to where they live. Helping you discover habitats and green places working together with the others from the wider community to help you build a connection with nature.

There is also the opportunity for you to hold your child’s Birthday party at one of our centres. 

Outdoor school education, photo by Paul Harris/2020VISION

Photo by Paul Harris/2020VISION

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To talk to us about our education programmes and what you'd like us to deliver for your group, please contact our Education Team at, or phone 01622 662012.

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