Ecover Fertilise the Future Finalist

Out of more than 750 applicants across Europe, Kent Wildlife Trust has made it through to the final 21 contestants of the Ecover Fertilise the Future Fund. We are seeking a grant of £150,000 to support the implementation and monitoring of nature-based solutions.

The nature and climate crisis are having a devastating impact on both people and wildlife. We need to work with nature to overcome these challenges. Kent Wildlife Trust is working with our European partners on the H2O:Source2Sea Project, which is implementing a range of nature-based solutions to combat flooding, drought and water quality issues in East Kent.

Nature-based solutions include a range of actions from wetland creation, tree planting to installing green roofs and regenerative agriculture. Wilding is an important part of this project and part of our vision for a wilder future, so we are planning to introduce water buffalo to our Ham Fen Nature Reserve where beavers are already present. Both species are ‘ecosystem engineers’ due to the dramatic effects they have on their habitats. Beavers build dams creating wetlands and, by grazing on tough scrubby plants and wallowing, buffalo maintain wetlands and keep invasive plant species down. This creates the perfect environment for a diversity and abundance of other wildlife whilst also making the surrounding area more resilient against extreme weather, providing cleaner water and locking up greater amounts of CO2.

water buffalo

We will be studying and recording the impacts of nature-based solutions on water quantity, water quality and carbon storage and will be encouraging you to get involved through the RiverSearch citizen science programme. By demonstrating the positive effect of nature-based solutions we can drive forward ambition and policy to implement them on a bigger scale and restore nature across Kent and beyond.

£150,000 will act as vital match-funding for the H2O:Source2Sea project which will help shape the future of water management and the use of nature-based solutions which can significantly change the fates of many communities and their wildlife around the world for years to come.

We need your help to win this fund

 Final decisions will be influenced by the ‘People’s Choice’, so please show your support for Kent Wildlife Trust using the hashtag #KentWildlifexEcover.

Voting will run from 30th November – 7th December 2020. With your support, we can see transformative change for a Wilder Kent.