Wildlife in the HOT Weather!

Wildlife in the HOT Weather!

Bath Time 2-Two young sparrows enjoying a bath in a puddle on St Ives harbour wall. - Chris Speller

As the temperature is rising, here are a few tips to help the wildlife in the hot weather.

1) Water!

  • Provide a shallow dish of water for thirsty birds, mammals and insects. Place small stones (or even marbles) in the centre of the dish to help any insects that fall in.


  • Add water to saturated sand or dirt to a saucer with a few stones to create a butterfly ‘puddler’. Butterflies sip water from shallow puddles of water in mud or sand. They also extract minerals from the dirty the stones allows the butterflies to land and drink from the puddler.


  • Keep the bird bath topped up – birds need to keep their feathers in good condition. It is also a great way for them to cool down in the heat. So top up the bird bath regularly with fresh, clean water.

2) Food!

  • Keep bird feeders topped up


  • Scatter some food like soaked raisins and apple chunks on the floor for birds and mammals.


  • Put out wet dog or cat food (no fish) for hedgehogs. Worms head down in search for cool moist soil and slugs are less likely to come out during the hot weather.

3) Shelter!

  • Provide logs, stones slabs, rockeries and tall grass, which proved cover for frogs, toads and newts, seeking shelter from the sun. Top up your pond – ponds that are low can be topped up. If your rain barrel is empty, use tap water – add little and often.


  • If you have netting in your garden, check often in close there are any animals caught up in the netting, such as snakes.


  • Stay messy – wilder areas in the garden will provide shelter for a wide range of wildlife, so don’t be too tidy.

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