Roadside Nature Reserve Appeal Launches

Roadside Nature Reserve Appeal Launches

Kent Wildlife Trust's Roadside Nature Appeal has launched this springtime with an important message about preserving these significant wildlife habitats.
Roadside Nature Reserve

Roadside Nature Reserves are stretches of roadside verge that hold valuable species and are often fragments of what was a more widely extensive habitat. Today they have a significant role to play in the conservation of these species and habitats.

It may surprise you to know that in Great Britain, verges have been recorded as breeding habitat for 20 out of 50 mammal species, 40 out of 200 bird species, all 6 reptiles, 5 out of 6 amphibian species and 25 out of 60 butterfly species.

In Kent alone, there are 8,000 km of roads, many of which contain rare species on their verges. Importantly for wildlife they have the potential to act as habitat corridors – a vital link between different habitats and landscapes helping species move through the wider countryside.

The Roadside Nature Reserve project in Kent has been run by Kent Wildlife Trust since 1994. There are now 134 RNRs stretching for a total of 88km, in each of the 14 district council areas so plenty for you to look out for.