Living legends unite to launch Remember a Charity week 2014

Living legends unite to launch Remember a Charity week 2014

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Kent Wildlife Trust joins Living Legends to Raise Awareness of the Importance of Legacies.

This September, Kent Wildlife Trust is proudly supporting the fifth annual Remember A Charity Week. Running from 8th –14th September 2014, the week aims to inspire people in the UK to think about leaving a charitable gift in their Will.

As part of the Week, a wing walker, an Ironwoman and a high diver with a combined age of 245, have come together to star in a special documentary titled Living Legends.

The documentary sees the three inspirational grandparents share their remarkable stories to remind the nation that there's a legend in all of us. The film concludes with the message that, irrespective of age, anyone can become a living legend by including a charity they care about in their Will.

Victoria Golding, Trustee

Victoria, pictured, and Peter Golding, volunteers and long-standing members of Kent Wildlife Trust said: “We are leaving a legacy to Kent Wildlife Trust because we want the wonderful work to continue after we are gone.”

Rob Cope, Director at Remember A Charity said: "Remember A Charity Week 2014 aims to remind the nation that there is a legend in us all.

"After taking care of your family and friends, leaving a gift in Will to your favourite charity is truly a legendary thing to do.

"No matter the size, a charitable gift can help the invaluable work of our favourite causes live on – long after we're gone"

The Trust will be supporting the week to highlight that leaving a gift in Will is important in allowing charities to continue to provide the services and support they currently do. More information available at

Join the Living Legends and write a charitable gift in your Will this Remember A Charity Week.

The Living Legends documentary is available to view at from Monday 8th September 2014.