Help the ‘Highland’ heroes of Kent

Help the ‘Highland’ heroes of Kent

Highland cattle

Highland cows with their distinctive long horns and flowing coats are the unsung heroes of nature conservation.

They work tirelessly year-round keeping unwanted vegetation at bay - in all weather conditions and in extreme terrains.

Kent Wildlife Trust employs over 40 hardy Highland cows around its nature reserves and they are an immensely popular attraction for visitors.

From November to February, flora and fauna can be scarce, but the Highlands’ colourful presence provides welcome relief from an otherwise bleak landscape.

The Trust’s Supporter Development Officer, Sam Campbell, said: “You wouldn’t necessarily associate these majestic beasts with conservation, but they do an amazing job in maintaining the biodiversity of our nature reserves – particularly opening up areas of grassland so that vast numbers of flowers can flourish. They have a great temperament and are quiet, friendly and easy to manage - despite their size!”

Kent Wildlife Trust is aiming to raise vital funds towards its wildlife conservation effort with the launch of its unique range of ‘Adopt a Species’ gift sets. The Highland cow set comprises a charming cuddly toy, fun fact sheet, photograph and certificate.

Also available in the range of gift sets are a grey seal and barn owl. The deadline for delivery before Christmas is Tuesday 19th December 2017.