Westfield Wood

Westfield Wood

Greg Hitchcock

Part of an internationally important yew woodland, with steep chalky slopes occupied by a dense stand of yew overtopped in places by mature ash and beech.


Lower Warren Road,
ME14 3BE
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Know before you go

5 hectares

Parking information

Park on the Old Chatham Road below the garage.

Walking trails

A path circumnavigates the wood. This is steep and uneven in places with some diversions around fallen root plates etc.


Not Wheelchair accessible. There are steps, a kissing gate, ruts and narrow paths. The paths are unsurfaced, uneven, irregular, muddy and slippery when wet.


Dogs permitted

When to visit

Opening times

Open at all times

Best time to visit

April to July, September to November

About the reserve

Many of the really mature beech trees were affected by the 1987 storm. Either felled in their entirety or large limbs snapped off. This has created a mosaic of enormous standing dead wood or areas of young ash and sycamore growth with lots of exposed roots and tangles of lying limbs.

The darkness of the Yew create very still, quiet pools of coolness and shelter. The mature beech by contrast, with their dappled shade are often warm and teeming with life. Small mammals and fungi at their base, insects scurrying up and down their bark, birds hopping and twittering in the branches.

Contact us

Alison Ruyter
Contact number: 01622 662012

Environmental designation

Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB)
Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
Special Areas of Conservation (SAC)