The Richard Neame Local Wildlife Sites Awards

Local Wildlife Sites

The Richard Neame Local Wildlife Site Award

Celebrating Good Land Management for Wildlife

Each year the Richard Neame Local Wildlife Sites Awards are presented to nominated landowners and others who own or manage Local Wildlife Sites, to acknowledge the work they contribute to managing land for the benefit of wildlife and biodiversity.

There are now more than 460 Local Wildlife Sites in Kent which together make up over 27,500 hectares; approximately 7% of our county. These sites vary greatly in their size, shape and ownership, but each contributes an area of land which is of significant nature conservation value and may support threatened habitats, such as chalk grassland or ancient woodland and associated species. These sites also play an important part in creating habitat connectivity within Kent which helps to address the key issue of habitat fragmentation - a leading cause of much wildlife decline.

The Richard Neame Endowment Fund provides an annual prize for conservation efforts on Local Wildlife Sites within Kent. Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates are awarded and the overall winner receives £1000 towards further enhancement of their Local Wildlife Site for wildlife. The award seeks to recognise the hard work and invaluable contributions people make to maintaining, protecting or enhancing Local Wildlife Sites and the surrounding landscape.

Previous overall winners include:

2013 - P.J. Howe Conservation and Farming Ltd.

2014 - Bredhurst Woodland Action Group

2015 - Doddington Churchyard Group

2016 - Poulton Wood

2017 – Reinden Wood, Defence Infrastructure Organisation

How to apply - simply download the entry form below and return completed forms and any supporting documentation to:

• Kent Wildlife Trust, Tyland Barn, Sandling, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3BD
• or attach to an email and send to: 

Entries now open for 2018.