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Kent Wildlife Trust Consultants have a team of fully qualified and highly experienced ecologists, land management advisors and marine ecologists. We offer a full range of ecological surveys, conservation land management advice and marine ecology services across Kent and Medway.

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Ecology Services

Species and Habitat Surveys

Kent’s wildlife and habitats are surprisingly rich and can be found anywhere from the bleak beauty of the North Kent Marshes to hum and buzz of a Town Centre garden.  Much of this wildlife and habitat is protected and that protection can prove complex.  We are talking European Legislation, UK Wildlife Law, Planning Policy, National and Local Biodiversity Action Plans.

The purpose of the legislation is to try to protect and if possible, enhance those species and habitats in decline, threatened or rare.

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Our experienced staff are ready to answer questions about our services, assess, offer advice and surveys for all your needs, developmental or otherwise.

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