Polhill Bank Appeal

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Success- Thanks to you we can restore 40 acres of Chalk Grassland in the heart of the Darent Valley

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Polhill: the next chapter

Thank you to everybody who contributed so generously to our Polhill appeal. Thanks to you we have raised over £95,000 from an initial target of £64,100, and are now able to restore 40 acres of beautiful chalk grassland in the Darent Valley

Your donations have already allowed us to reseed the arable land, returning it to species rich chalk grassland, and create a circular walk at the site for the first time. We will be adding interpretation boards and a new grazing herd later this year as well as other crucial maintenence work.

Thanks to you we will be able to see a continuous nature corridoor running from the m25, over the eco-bridge, down to filston lane.

Polhill Bank appeal progress bar - £95,172  148.5% funded