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Nature's Sure Connected

Evidencing Landscape Scale Conservation

Nature's Sure Connected is an exciting biodiversity monitoring project which aims to address the challenge of how to tell if conservation is working across the landscapes of Kent and beyond.

Landscape-scale conservation is the combined effort of multiple people and organisations, working to protect and restore the natural environment at large scales and across multiple sites within landscapes.

A huge number of organisations and land managers carry out practical actions to conserve wildlife, and we already know how to monitor this work on individual sites. So far there is no tried and tested or agreed on way of demonstrating whether this practical action produces the results we hope to see at a large landscape scale.

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Nature’s Sure Connected will develop an approach that will not only help Kent Wildlife Trust but work in any landscape setting. Through widespread consultation, the project will design, test and deliver a number of evidence-based projects around the guiding landscape principles More, Bigger, Better and Joined spaces for nature set out by John Lawton. We will develop a framework for landscape-scale monitoring, and test it by conducting carefully thought out surveys. Working with the conservation community we will develop the framework so that it will work for and be shared by organisations across Kent and the UK.

This 18-month project is being led by Kent Wildlife Trust and has been funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

So how can you will help the project?

We need volunteers to participate in our landscape scale surveys, to develop and test landscape scale conservation approaches in the field. We have two projects which you can involved in which involve three types of survey.

The projects:
Project 1 - Is the landscape functionally connected and what threats are there to connectivity?
Project 2 - Can we measure ecosystem functionality at a landscape scale?

The surveys:
Butterfly (June to August)
Reptiles (June to September)
Bugs Matter Survey (June to September)

Field Identification Skills Certificate work and survey

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Bugs Matter Volunteers
You can help us understand what is happening to insect numbers in Kent on any journey you take between June and September 2019 by counting the number of insects that get squashed on the vehicles number plate.

Butterfly Survey Volunteers 
Take part in this survey to help us understand how landscape-scale conservation is restoring connections in the landscape for butterflies and other wildlife.

Reptile Survey Volunteers
Take part in this survey to help us understand how landscape-scale conservation is restoring connections in the landscape for reptiles and other wildlife.

Want to find out more about the project?

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Keep in touch

 You can update your preferences with Kent Wildlife Trust at any time by contacting Kent Wildlife Trust at or by calling 01622 357800 or by writing to Tyland Barn, Sandling, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3BD.

Your details will be used for Kent Wildlife Trust purposes only and will not be sold or passed onto any other organisations.

Alternatively please call 01622 357847 or contact any member of the project team:

Keeley Atkinson - Volunteer Coordinator -

Alana Skilbeck - Assistant Ecology Volunteer Officer –

Paul Tinsley-Marshall – Project Lead -

You can also find out more about the project and follow our progress on the Ecology group Facebook page.