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Photo by Helena Dolby for Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust

A wild education with Kent Wildlife Trust Forest School

Kent Wildlife Trust Forest School offers exciting opportunities for self-learning, exploration and discovery.

Students develop skills whilst increasing their knowledge and understanding of the world, encouraging respect for their environment and re-connection with nature.

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What is Forest School?

Pure Forest School is a long-term process, run by qualified practitioners, providing frequent, regular sessions over a period of at least 6 months with the same group. The woodland setting encourages a relationship with the natural world, whilst offering opportunities to learn new and transferable skills. A range of learner-centred processes and supported risks develop resilient, confident, independent and creative learners.

Six principles were set by the Forest School Community; for more detailed information please visit the Forest School Association.

Who is Forest School for?

Forest School is for everyone. We have worked with all ages from nursery to pensioners. It is such a flexible process that it can be adapted for any age group or ability level.

How long is a session?

Ideally, a Forest School session is a full day so that learners have time to complete activities and explore their surroundings without feeling rushed. A school group day is usually 10.00 - 2.30. We also offer half-day sessions, which means we can work with 2 groups in one day.

What about risk assessments?

All our sites, activities, tools and equipment are risk assessed and these can be provided. If we are delivering outreach sessions at your setting, we will need you to provide a site risk assessment.

Birthday parties

We offer a range of woodland parties that will give your child a birthday experience to remember! Parties are set in one of our beautiful, ancient woodlands and can be tailored for any special occasion.

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