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Ecology Groups

What are Ecology Groups?

Ecology Groups are part of Kent Wildlife Trusts approach to monitoring our reserves. They are volunteers who help us collect information on the species and habitats we manage. This information tells us if the reserves are in good condition and how well wildlife is doing.

We manage different habitat types, such as grasslands, woodlands, heathlands and wetlands. In each habitat, there are particular species of plants we expect the find. The number of species, and how common they are tell us about the condition of the reserve.

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Why monitoring matters

Nature is in trouble and we're working hard to protect it and help it thrive. Making sure that we're managing the reserves and landscape effectively for is an essential part of our plan to help wildlife in Kent.

The information that our Ecology Groups volunteers gather paints a vital picture of how the work we're doing is changing the natural landscape for the better.

Want to get involved?

Ecology Groups are for anyone to get involved with, no matter your level of knowledge; all you need is an interest in wildlife and we'll teach you everything else you need to know. Identifying the species is easier than you might think and we have a support and training network to support and develop our volunteers.

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Or for further information contact:

Alana Skilbeck | Assistant Ecology Volunteer Officer 

Resources for Ecology Groups

The Kent Wildlife Trust Ecology Groups Facebook page is a place for Ecology Group Volunteers to keep in touch, find out about upcoming surveys, events and training opportunities, and share wildlife sightings, identification tips and resources.

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