Forest School

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Kent Wildlife Trust Forest School offers exciting opportunities for self-learning, exploration and discovery. Participants develop a range of skills whilst increasing their knowledge and understanding of the world, encouraging respect for their environment and allowing them to re-engage with nature. The Forest School concept has been developed to enhance personal, social and emotional skills.

Pure Forest School is a long term process, run by qualified practitioners, providing frequent, regular sessions over a period with the same group. The woodland setting encourages a relationship with the natural world, whilst offering opportunities to learn new and transferable skills. A range of learner-centred processes and supported risks develop resilient, confident, independent and creative learners.

These principles were set by the Forest School Community; for more detailed information please visit the Forest School Association.

Forest School is for everyone! 

It is great for all ages from nursery to pensioner as it is a flexible process that is adapted for any age group or ability level.  Sessions, ideally will be a full day, usually between 10am and 2pm, so that the participants have time to complete activities and explore their surroundings without feeling rushed.  

We offer a wide range of different packages for schools and other groups both on our sites and on your own, as well as Taster sessions.  Taster days allow for staff to gain a deeper understanding of Forest School principles in action as well as experiencing the benfits of being outdoors in nature.

Base Camps
Denstead Wood site - set in the ancient woodland of the Blean.
Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve - set out in the woodland area of the Reserve
Bough Beech Education Centre - tucked away in a quiet corner 




  • £200 for a Day, £120 for half a day - At a Kent Wildlife Trust Forest School Site 
  • £250 for a Day, £170 for half a day of  Outreach when our Mobile Forest School comes to you 
  • £300 for a Teacher Taster Day 

Please note that prices for Schools are subsidised.

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Forest Skill Events 

We offer a range of family events based on Forest School principles - check out the events pages for further information.

Team Wellbeing Events

An opportunity to learn new skills, be creative and improve connections within the group at a Team Event in a beautiful Kent Wildlife Trust woodland Reserve.  Take time away from the hustle and bustle of daily live with this enegising experience.  Your team will return from this event feeling relaxed and refreshed.  The day can be tailored to suit your group although group size is limited to 20 participants.

Prices vary according to the event.

For more information on any of the above, please contact
Kathryn Barton, Community Education Officer, Forest School
Tel:07717 367944