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Ecological monitoring on reserves and in Living Landscapes.

Ecology Groups are for anyone to get involved with, no matter what your level of knowledge; all you need is an interest in wildlife. We are building a support and training network to support and develop our volunteers, so there is something to suit everyone.

Ecology Groups are teams of volunteer wildlife ecologists engaged in monitoring wildlife on our reserves and in our Living Landscapes. The aims of the projects they are involved in are to assess the quality of the habitats we manage and to assess the effect of our habitat management work.

We aim to try and answer the following types of questions:

  • How does wildlife respond to our management?
  • How does wildlife respond to the creation of new habitat?
  • How does wildlife in new or restoration habitat compare with existing core habitat?
  • Does provision of connecting habitat affect responses to habitat creation or restoration?
  • How do trends in Kent wildlife populations compare with national data, and how do they change over time?
  • How can we better manage habitats for wildlife?

Ecology Groups are being established and managed by the Kent Wildlife Trust Conservation Evidence Ecologist throughout Kent, structured around our Living Landscape areas. 

**2017 Ecology Groups Programme**

Establishing Ecology Groups throughout Kent will be a gradual process, and in the first instance the focus is on the Medway Smile, though anyone interested in wildlife ecology in any part of Kent is encouraged to get in touch, as Ecology Group opportunities exist throughout the county. Ecology Groups do not replace existing monitoring carried out by staff or volunteers, rather they provide a robust scientific approach, consistent and standard methods, and are a framework of support in which our various monitoring projects sit. They are a significant and valuable contribution to our overall wildlife monitoring programme.

To find out what our projects involve see the Ecology Group Projects page. 

For further information contact:
Dr Paul Tinsley-Marshall | Conservation Evidence Ecologist 
Phone: 01622 662012

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