Living Seas

Orange Kingsdown ChalkKingsdown chalk © Paul Hymers - Jacket on Chair Ltd

Living Seas is the Wildlife Trusts’ vision for the future of our seas. Within Living Seas, abundant and diverse marine life thrives, from the depths of the ocean to the coastal shallows.

In Living Seas:

  • Wildlife and habitats recover from continued decline as we focus on ways to use the seas’ resources in environmentally sustainable ways. Seas produce a bounty of fish, and lasting livelihoods for fishermen again become a way of life from fish stocks that are not pushed to the edge of disaster.
  • Marine wildlife is an inspiration for the people of Kent and the UK, who value the sea for the many varied reasons it supports our quality of life, from being a place for commerce, to a place of play, to a place of beauty.

Please support our campaign for a network of marine protected areas to help restore the health of our marine wildlife.

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