Leave a legacy- do something incredible to protect Kent’s Wildlife

Leave a legacyLeave a legacy

A legacy to Kent Wildlife Trust is a gift that can help protect wildlife for generations to come, and will not cost you a penny in your lifetime.

For 57 years Kent Wildlife trust has been working to protect Kent’s beautiful nature and its vital habitats. Thanks to the generosity of our members and donors we have managed to increase the amount of land owned, managed and influenced for the betterment of wildlife, as well as providing a voice on planning applications and educating the next generation on the importance of nature.

We are proud with what we have achieved, however there is still so much to do, as wildlife continues to decline at an alarming rate, and this is why we are asking for you to consider leaving Kent Wildlife trust a gift in your will.

Last year over 20% of Kent Wildlife Trusts income came from gifts in wills, and without them we simply could not function in the manner that we do.

Naturally, we would expect you to look after your loved ones first, but many find that after that, they have space to remember a charity in their will.

Anyone can leave a gift to Kent Wildlife Trust when making a Will. It’s one of the easiest and most valuable ways you can support the Trust, and costs you nothing now. Any gift, no matter what size will help make a crucial difference in protecting wildlife in Kent in the future.

If you’d like to talk in confidence about leaving a legacy please email Sam Campbell or call us on 01622 357812 to talk in confidence.


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