Kestrel Cam

Kestrel Cam

A bird’s-eye view

We're delighted to announce that we are, once again, able to stream fascinating live footage from our kestrel box high above the Tyland Barn nature reserve in Maidstone.

Our kestrels are currently taking turns to incubate 6 eggs. The chicks should begin to hatch from around the 12th/13th of May.

The pale egg that can be seen in the nestbox is an old egg from last year (2018).

2019 Timeline

6th egg laid in the evening of 22nd/23rd April

5th egg laid in the evening of 20th/21st April

4th egg laid in the evening of 18th/19th April

3rd egg laid in the evening of 16th/17th April

2nd egg laid around 14th/15th April (estimated)

1st egg laid around 12th/13th April (estimated)

At the moment the camera only operates between the hours of 9:30am and 3:30pm, however, we are looking into ways of extending these hours.

This is live, unedited footage of kestrels; at times, it is possible that there may be disturbing images of the natural world. These are wild birds; we are not allowed to interfere with their breeding or their nest.

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