Heath Fritillary Foodplant Monitoring Volunteer

Kent Wildlife Trust and Wildwood Trust are launching a flagship wilding project, ‘Wilder Blean’. This groundbreaking project will be taking place in West Blean and Thornden Woods. It is a grazing trial using European bison and aims to restore natural processes.


To survey specific areas of the site, systematically recording the abundance of the two main foodplants of the heath fritillary butterfly (common cow-wheat and ribwort plantain). This will allow us to understand how grazing affects the availability of these plants and therefore the butterfly itself. This year is the baseline year ahead of the grazing animals arriving in spring 2022.

A day in your life might include....

Exploring different corners of this woodland site and noting the numbers of the two different foodplants that you encounter. Using an app on your phone to record this and keeping an eye out for the heath fritillary butterfly itself.

There are no specific times or days when this needs to be carried out – it can fit around your commitments – but we are looking for volunteers in June and July.

What are the benefits? 

A chance to explore areas of the reserve that you may not normally have access to. Detailed guidance is provided and extra support, as required. Reasonable travel expenses covered.

Experience and skills required? 

No previous experience required. You will need to cover rough, uneven ground, which is off the footpaths. The site is in a rural location and therefore this role is most suited to someone who lives or works close to the reserve or has access to a car.

Want to know more? 

Please contact us at volunteering@kentwildlife.org.uk or call on 01622 662012

Colour photo of dark brown and orange heath fritillary butterfly