Dover Area Practical Team

Location: Dover Area , Dover
Working across several locations in a mixture of ancient chalk grassland & ancient woodland means there is always plenty to do!

Position details




Tuesday, Thursday


Woodland near Park Gate Down

Lucy Carden

Task Information

Spring &  Summer

Path maintenance, fence repairs, ragwort and buddleia bashing

Autumn & Winter

Scrub and woodland coppicing.


Why is it important?

This is an internationally rare habitat for many wild species such as the Adonis Blue butterfly, Wart-biter Cricket and a number of species of Orchid.


Dover Castle

Commitment & Training

Every Tuesday 10am—2.30pm Come weekly, monthly or ad-hoc!

Full training is given and you’ll only be asked to do work you are comfortable with.  There is also the  potential to undertake further training such as leading groups safely, First Aid and brushcutter