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Ian Andrews

Do you love the coast and have a passion for wildlife? Did you always want to be part of an exciting research project, but felt you didn’t have the necessary skills? This is a great opportunity to get involved in a survey project which is going to make a real difference for wildlife. No prior skills are needed as all the necessary training will be provided.

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The Coast

Sandwich and Pegwell Bay National Nature Reserve is host to a unique range of wildlife and habitats, and is Kent Wildlife Trust’s largest and most protected site. It is home to Kent’s only ancient dune pasture, and the mosaic of rocky shore, saltmarsh and beaches provides a sanctuary for an incredible number of rare and sensitive shoreline birds.

The Life

This extraordinary stretch of coast bursts with life. Ten thousands of migratory birds fly in every year to join the residents, seals swim up and down the beach, curiously looking at anybody going by, and people come and visit to enjoy the beauty and vastness of the site. However, recreational activities, such as dog walking and kite surfing, are becoming more and more frequent, increasing the pressure on rare and sensitive wildlife and threatening the characteristics that make this place so very special.

The Science

We want to improve the way we protect our shoreline birds and to do so we need to better understand how human activities affect bird behaviour and populations. We have started an exciting long-term study to survey these human activities and bird responses. This will enable us to move forward with protecting the area and with finding a way where people and wildlife can co-exist.