Location: North Kent Coast, Kent
We are looking for volunteers to join our Coastbuster team to help to protect our shoreline from invasive non-native species.

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Who we're looking for

We're looking for a small group of volunteers who can commit to joining our monthly activities along the coastline to help us to monitor, record and manage the population of Pacific Oysters that are posing a threat to our native species. You'll work as part of a team on our organised activities, usually taking place early in the morning at locations along the north Kent coast, and always on a weekday. Due to the training required for this role, we are looking for volunteers who can commit to attending at least 4 Coastbuster events each year.

You'll be happy to be outside in all weathers, have great observation and recording skills, exceptional attention to detail and will be fit and able to work on the shoreline, often on uneven terrain.

Why we need people to help us

Brought over in the 1960’s for the aquaculture industry, it was initially thought that temperatures of UK waters would not be suitable for the Pacific Oyster to successfully spread, but escapees have now established large populations, particularly along the coast of Thanet. Recognisable by their teardrop shape and ‘frilly’ shells, they often have a pinky/purple tinge. They occupy the same habitat as our native blue mussels and left unchecked form reefs which can alter the natural state of the ecosystem.

How to apply 

Please complete the application form below and return this to and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible for an informal chat. 

We also find it incredibly helpful if volunteers complete our monitoring form (download from the bottom of this page) which helps us ensure that our recruitment methods appeal to everyone. This information is confidential, and we'd appreciate if you could complete and return this to us.  

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