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We are in the midst of a climate and nature emergency. Around the world, we can see the devastating impact of climate change on people and the natural world around us.

Closer to home, in our own county, we can see the effects before our eyes. Flooding has become more and more of a regular occurrence. Development and habitat erosion has pushed wildlife to the brink, and this threatens our very existence.

However, the most alarming declines are seen in insects. Insects are dying out 8 times faster than larger animals, with an astonishing 41% of insects at risk of extinction.

Without bees and pollinators we will struggle to produce food, and life as we know it won't survive – can you help fund our continuing work to support bees and pollinators?

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Help us fight the climate emergency now!


Kent Wildlife Trust can provide the solutions...

Through projects like Bugs Matter, Wild about Gardens, Nature Recovery Network and Roadside Reserves we are working together to address the causes of insect loss, halt and reverse them, and secure a sustainable future for insect life and ourselves.

Wildlife Trusts around the United Kingdom are also taking Action For Insects to stop this decline and continuing to build a Nature Recovery Network for insects. 

All of this is possible, but we need to act now!

Help us to take action for insects and support our fight against the climate crisis now...

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Donate £15 every month... buy new land for wildlife, forever.
The moment of crisis has come…this is an urgent problem that has to be solved and, what’s more, we know how to do it.”
Sir David Attenborough
David Attenborough