Farming for Wildlife

Farming for Wildlife

Farming in Kent

Kent, The Garden of England, has some of the most fertile soils and best-growing weather conditions in the country. Even though it is thought of as a densely populated area, surprisingly more than 70% of it is farmland. From fruit farms to fields of wheat, small family farms to large commercial operations, Kent has it all. Kent Wildlife Trust is working with Farmers from all backgrounds to help it become more sustainable and better for wildlife.

Why are we working with farmers and landowners?

Nature is in crisis. The 2019 ‘State of Nature report’ lists modern farming as the number 1 reason for wildlife decline.

There is increasing recognition that collaborative working in a geographic area can achieve more than working in isolation - the sum of the group is greater than its parts! Farmer Clusters help farmers and land managers to work together to deliver more for wildlife and the environment than one individual could achieve alone.

Farmer Clusters

How we are helping

Kent Wildlife Trust Farmer Cluster Officers facilitate meetings, undertake one-to-one farm visits and deliver a programme of training events to cluster members. Through cluster events, trusted working relationships are developed between cluster members that form the foundation from which demonstrable improvements within the farmer cluster focus areas can then follow.

How you can help

The farmer cluster approach shows just how important it can be to join up wildlife-friendly options across a network, and that simply talking to your neighbours can achieve great things for nature. This is true of farmland but equally true of neighbourhoods and gardens. So speak to your neighbours, can you create a hedgehog hole? or collaborate on a wildflower area? Check out our Wild About Gardens project for more ideas.

Or if you are a Farmer and interested in joining a cluster, get in touch with Stan. We can’t cover everywhere but we’re always happy to chat and link people together where possible.

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