Discovering British Birds: Coastal Bird Ecology Online Evening Course

Adult tern with chicks
Sandwich and Pegwell Bay

Ian Andrews

Birds at Pegwell Bay, photo by Russell Miles

Birds at Pegwell Bay, photo by Russell Miles

Discovering British Birds: Coastal Bird Ecology Online Evening Course

Location: Online, In your home
Discover Britain’s birds during a series of fun and interactive evening online classes

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Online session, hosted by Simon Ginnaw, , Ornithologist (joining instructions will be emailed two days before the event)


7.30pm to 9pm
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About the event

If you love the coast, adore Puffins, and/or enjoy identifying our confusing waders, why not delve into the fascinating ecology behind our coastal birds; from gulls, terns, waders, to puffins. Our coastal birds are some of the most nomadic species on the Earth, with each species specially adapted to life in some of our wildest habitats. Discover their distribution, life cycles, and the relationship these species have to one another and their physical environment on this 7 week online evening course.

Course programme:

  1. Introduction & Feeding In The Open Sea
  2. Bird-life Of Rocky Shores, & An Introduction To Seabird Cities
  3. Adaptations For Nesting On Cliffs & Shingle Habitats
  4. An Intro To Mudflats & Estuaries & The Ways Waders Use Them
  5. Mudflats & Sandy Shores: Wader Flocking, Feeding & Migration
  6. Threats To Seabirds, & What Is Being Done To Conserve Them
  7. Celebrating Birds Of The Open Sea: Amazing Seabird Adaptations & Incredible Journeys

Each evening will take roughly 1.5 to 2 hours, and will consist of interactive discussions and a 1 hour presentation using photos, illustrations, videos and sounds to bring the fascinating subjects alive.  Therefore, participants viewing the sessions on a large screen will get maximum benefits of the use of different media.  Hand-outs will be issued via email throughout the course.

We recommend having with you the following items:

  • Notebook & pen
  • Headphones
  • Refreshments (time will be allowed for a break)

By the end of the course it is expected that you will have:

  • Gained confidence in identifying Britain’s coastal birds.
  • Learned new skills to help identify Britain’s coastal birds.
  • Gained an insight into the fascinating breeding behaviour, adaptations, and migrations that these species perform.

Led by Simon Ginnaw, Ornithologist.  Simon has 24 years birdwatching experience, has been a professional birdwatching and wildlife tour leader for 12 years, a professional ornithologist for 10 years, and is a long term RSPB and BTO Breeding Bird Survey Volunteer.

Late starters are welcome.  For more details, please email




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The cost for this 7 week course is £85 per person
Dates: 13th, 27th Oct, 10th & 24th Nov 2021, 19th Jan, 9th & 23rd Feb 2022

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Jill Evington
Contact number: 01622662012