Photo of saltmarshsea, lavender Limonium vulgare, taken by  Lyndsey Rule

Saltmarsh sea lavender, Limonium vulgare, by Lyndsey Rule

Flowers of Saltmarshes

Gain a better understanding of the plants that live on coastal mudflats and how they have become specialised to cope with the harsh conditions.

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10am - 3/4pm
A static map of Flowers of Saltmarshes

About the event

Plants that live on coastal mudflats are highly specialised to cope with grim conditions –they are not only a beautiful addition to the scene but have some fascinating stories to tell.

Saltmarshes can be utterly bleak at any time of year but when the sun shines in high summer the atmosphere and extensive horizons can be stunning.  Only a relatively few species can survive on these coastal marshes and they are highly specialised to cope with regular submergence in saline water.  For them, unrelenting sunshine simply exacerbates the problem.

This course will begin in the classroom at Tyland Barn where the main focus will be to consider how plants cope with and adapt to the extremes of conditions on the saline mud flats and coastal marshes. 

Time will also be spent in afternoon, at salt marshes along the North Kent shoreline near Faversham, considering the key identification features of the major families and the species.  This will require close examination of the flowers which provide the major big clues to the identity of any plant, but other features are also very useful to determine precise identification. 

Beginners should acquire a basic knowledge of how to identify a good range of our native coastal plants.  They should also gain the inspiration to pursue the subject further. 

Led by Ros Bennett, Botanist
Suitable for improvers.


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