Life of a Volunteer at Queendown Warren

Life of a Volunteer at Queendown Warren

Sekwyn Dennis

Read about the life of a volunteer at Queendown Warren.

We worked in the west bank today. Three volunteers used brush-cutters to clear overgrown vegetation whilst Rob, our supervisor, cut some ash trees on the footpath which were suffering from ash dieback. The weather forecast had said it would be raining, but the weather was fine and rather hot when we were working in the sun.  

We saw many insects in the field. In the grass, we found a Garden Tiger caterpillar which on first glance looked like a small chestnut in your hand. The Nursery Web spider in the picture was found near the rake we were using. After we finished working in the field I found a blossoming Greater Knapweed. Rob was careful not to cut it whilst brush cutting the surrounding grass.  

Last week, we had a reunion for long-standing volunteers at Queendown Warren, some of which have been unable to join our Tuesday tasks since the coronavirus restrictions earlier this year. One such member is Mick, who has been volunteering for KWT for over 16 years. Mick particularly enjoys the butterfly surveys conducted every summer, especially when encountered with his favourite butterfly: the Clouded Yellow.  

At the reunion, thanks to Rob, we were able to surprise Mick with a badge of the Clouded Yellow butterfly. We hope Mick and other regular volunteers will be able to return next year!