Reconnect Children with Nature

Reconnect Children with Nature

We've been looking for some interesting ways to get young people to engage with wildlife. We spotted this great idea created by our friends at Sainsbury's Bank.
Build a Bird Feeder

Although the relationship between children and nature has been proven to be beneficial, today we often find our children separated from it. With the advance of technologies, boys and girls spend more time experiencing nature on a screen than they do outdoors.

The Wildlife Trusts report has shown that 71% of UK children have never seen a lizard in the wild, and 37% of them haven’t played outside on their own in the past 6 months. Compared to 40% just a when most of us were growing up, nowadays less than 10% of children play in natural areas.

Results are worrying, especially when we, as adults, think back at our childhood, and the times we used to go home covered in mud and grass stains. Parental concerns emerged from the report are well justified, and it’s time we do something to help children discover the beauty of nature.

Here’s a crafty ideas from Sainsbury’s Bank to help children experience wildlife in a fun and simple way. Lock away your iPads for a bit, and have fun classifying all the birds local to your area using a home-made bottle bird feeder to attract them.