Plug Planting on Roadside Nature Reserves

Wild flowers at a roadside verge reserve

Discover how Kent Wildlife preserves Roadside Nature Reserves. By Volunteer Trainee Roadside Nature Reserve Warden Zoe Honour.

At the end of May, a plug planting day was organised  at a potential Roadside Nature Reserve in Cranbrook High Street, Tunbridge Wells.

With some grant funding from Kent County Council we were able to buy 200 plug plants to plant along areas of the verge, which will help to improve its diversity and become designated as a Roadside Nature Reserve.

Volunteers planting ox-eye daisy

Volunteers planting ox-eye daisy

With help from Vicky Aelen (Volunteer Trainee for the Ashford Meadows Project) and working with dedicated volunteers from the local community, the plug plants including ragged robin, field scabious, yellow rattle, lady’s bedstraw, red campion, and cowslip, were planted along the verge.

Some of the volunteers also brought along ox-eye daisies and foxgloves they had grown at home to plant.

The verge is already looking spectacular as a result of the continued hard work by people from the local community, who are helping to make it become a place that can be enjoyed by both wildlife and people! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along to help, it was a great day and the weather couldn’t have been better! 

Volunteer trainee Vicky Aelen plug planting

Volunteer trainee Vicky Aelen plug planting

Roadside Nature Reserves can link existing wildlife areas, helping to reconnect and restore landscape so that wildlife is no longer struggling to survive in isolation.

This supports a living landscape, which benefits both people and wildlife and makes nature more resilient to future change.

They provide vital wildlife corridors for many species, particularly reptiles such as slow-worms and viviparous lizards, and mammals such as badgers.

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