It's a dog's life at Kent Wildlife Trust

I'm full of inspiration, and jealousy, when my colleagues take their dogs out for either walks or to help on our reserves. So, I've decided to write a blog about it...
Easter dog at Darland Banks reserve

Easter dog at Darland Banks reserve

We love dogs! Lots of our staff are dog owners and if you are lucky enough to visit one of our reserves at the same time as, for example, Alison or Vicky (two of our amazing wardens) you might be lucky enough to meet Ida or Bracken.

Ida and Bracken are wardens in their own right. They help Alison and Vicky keep our reserves in tip top condition.

Our colleagues dogs are always a welcome sight and are often the most popular attractions at our all staff days, or when we are visiting reserves managed by dog-owning colleagues.

Dog with owner at tidal site

Dogs are welcome at most Kent Wildlife Trust reserves

It’s really important that people have access to nature reserves, including those who want to walk their dogs in the countryside. That’s why most of our reserves are dog friendly. The only exception is where dogs may be a detrimental impact on wildlife, to other visitors or where it would create a health and safety hazard.

Many of our nature reserves are perfect for walking your dog, however, some of our favourites include Bluebell Hill, Darland Banks, Hothfield Heathland, Sandwich and Pegwell Bay. All of these reserves provide the perfect landscape to stretch your legs, whilst providing landscapes that will delight your furry friends.

So embrace your wild side this summer, take your best friend out for a walk and enjoy the Kentish sun while you’re at it.