Home Education Outdoors with Forest School

Home Education Outdoors with Forest School

Home-educated child learning through outdoor play

A local home education group uses poetry to describe their monthly visits to our beautiful ancient woodland Forest School site.

Our Forest School runs all year round, whatever the weather, come rain or shine (as long as it’s safe, of course). Children learn so much from seeing the seasons go by, the changes in the woods and the different plants that pop up. But they also learn how to cope with being outdoors all day, how they should dress and how to keep warm. In the winter months, the Forest School fire is essential for warming cold hands (and sometimes toes) and for boiling water to make a comforting hot chocolate drink.

Once a month, a group of home educated children come to our beautiful ancient woodland Forest School site. It is a great opportunity to get together with friends and learn, whilst having fun. It’s also a fantastic way to see the changing seasons and learn to be comfortable in the woods at all times of the year.

On their January visit, the children were given time for reflection; they found their own special place in the woods and spent just a few minutes quietly, on their own, reflecting, thinking or just doing nothing. When they came back together they made observations about the experience and their comments have been compiled into a poem by Forest School leader, Nina Jones.

It was a wintry day at Forest School
It felt strange, at first, to sit in the cold
With the peace and calm swimming all around
The ground hard beneath us, until
I relaxed
In the quiet
On my own
But surrounded by friends
The bark in my hands, the logs beneath me
Comfy. I feel… with nature
It’s strange, I like running around and making noise
But sometimes I like to sit and think in the peace and calm

For more information about group Forest School programmes, please contact:
Kathryn Barton | Community Education Officer, Forest School
Mob: 07717 367944