Golden leaves and woodland crafts at Forest School

Golden leaves and woodland crafts at Forest School

© Kathryn Barton

Autumn is one of our favourite seasons at Forest School, we love the golden crunchy leaves and clear blue skies.

With so many beautiful natural resources we tend to get a bit crafty at Forest School; leaf bashing, carving, sculpting weaving and making natural dyes are some of the activities we’ve been enjoying.

This term, we've been incorporating Lost Words within our sessions - these are words that have been removed from the Oxford Junior Dictionary. To help 'save' these words we have been identifying conkers, roasting sweet chestnuts and using willow creatively.

The new Nature Nurture Children report shows just how beneficial outdoor learning really is for children’s well-being and development.

79% of children reported better relationships with their classmates.
Nature Nurtures Children report
The Wildlife Trusts study by the Institute of Education at UCL

We offer Nature Tots, Nature Explorers and family events all year round. We have three main sites from which we run Forest School sessions all year round; our Denstead Wood site, near Canterbury, Cromer's Wood in Sittingbourne and Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve.

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